• Birst trial gives you access to Birst Pronto on-cloud. All data will reside within EU.
  • Pronto is a limited version of Birst which includes features for self service Business Intelligence. You can connect to various data sources (cloud and on-premise), do data cleansing , transforms and join various sources together. With a dimensional data model you have all the visualisation features available that a full blown Birst enables. Pronto provides you also visual data lineage
  • Be up and running with dashboards, visualisations, KPIs and drill-maps in no-time
  • We at Big Data Solutions are here to support you in your analytics journey in English and Finnish
  • If you would like to attend official Birst courses in Nordics, please contact sales@bigdatasolutions.fi. Big Data Solutions is also a certified Birst trainer
  • If you need access to the full version of Birst, please send a request to sales@bigdatasolutions.fi

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